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IWATA TOOL focuses on the development of high performance cutting tools, especially in small diameters. Being the first to manufacture center drills in Japan in 1928 IWATA TOOL has developed a wide range of high precision and high performance cutting tools over the years thus acquiring the know how to develop outstanding solutions for the future.

We are experts in our field

Experts in special small diameter cutting tools

We develop unique small size cutting tools together with our customers. IWATA TOOL specializes in drills and chamfering tools in the diameter range below 6mm going all the way to diameters of 8 μm. By focusing on special user segments we constantly create new tools and machining methods that set IWATA TOOL apart from the wide field of competitors focusing on standard solutions.

On the other hand this also means that IWATA TOOL is not able to provide very standard tools other manufacturers might carry. By choosing the present strategy we have been able to set ourselves apart from major manufacturers while constantly creating unique solutions and generating new values for us and our customers.

To be able to provide customer solution no other company offer is a strong point of IWATA TOOL. Our reliable technology and our extensive fund of new and innovative ideas give us an edge over the competition.

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+81-52-739-1090Office hours Monday to Friday 9:00〜18:30(closed on public holidays)
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